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Thread: Progress update:  My Brakes

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    Progress update:  My Brakes

    So, I had the brakes with the missing threads replaced. The new pair I got had a new set of problems: One had the wrong type of retainer bolt on the parking brake atachment (Couldn't torque to the proper setting because of this) and the other piston wouldn't retract properly. So I'm going back to the part store in a few minutes to have these replaced..

    Also going to home depot to rent a sawzall to cut off the roof today. Woohoo!!! Any tips/pointers on that? I'm thinking 3" from the windshield.


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    Re: Progress update:  My Brakes


    Wear eye protection?

    DKOV -

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    Re: Progress update: *My Brakes

    Hope you have some reinforcements in there or it will fold
    up a bit -- not noticable until the doors dont fit :-)

    You should have 2x2 running along the bottom of the doors
    or something ...
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    Re: Progress update: *My Brakes

    Hey Ari I put a link on one of your other post that I found on here. Has some really good pic of the roof cut off and where the cut was made. Its not mine, as I said just seen where someone else posted it and seeing that your fixing to cut, well figured you would like to see them

    hey By the way, I read somewhere that you are using the blinkers froma 96 Camary. I stopped by Toyota today and got 2 but they seem to be too skinning from top to bottom. Did I get the wrong year?


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    Re: Progress update: *My Brakes

    I began cutting and got about 90% of it done. Damn that sawzall's is one powerfull tool! I stopped because the vibrations from the sawzall seemed to be really shaking the windshield and I am afraid I will shatter it. Might attack it tomorrow using a lower power setting, or maybe a different tool.

    DKOV: I wore Eye protection, a mask of some sort AND gloves!

    Derwin: The frame supports around the door are already welded in

    AmbeBock: Those are the ones I used - they don't fit PERFECTLY but should fit pretty well. You will probably have to lay some fiberglass to get them to fit 100% perfectly. Remember, they are not real ferrari turn lenses, you are saving yourself a few hundred bucks :P

    I also got the brakes replaced AGAIN today. I FINALLY GOT A PAIR OF PERFECT REBUILT REARS! woohoo!.


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