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Thread: porsche 996 turbo replica

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    Re: porsche 996 turbo replica

    My first thoughts????

    i would buy a 996 turbo replica... BUT NOT ON AN OPAL OR DODGE? is the wheel base on a porsche boxter so much different then a 996 that it could not have been used as a doner? at the very least it would have been more so a porsche...
    Im sorry to say but im really not attracted to kit cars that are snapped in place over another car... sorta like wearing a rubber mask of Justin Timberlake on a date... yah your going to get yourself really far doing that.

    I would have gone for a porsche boxter and buy a techart wide body kit, which i must say makes the care look considerably more attractive then the stock model.

    Not to say i wouldnt consider doing a 996 rebody over the boxter, but still, which is a whole lot better then trying to put porsche panels on a dodge or opal.

    It looks alright, but im not impressed.

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    Re: porsche 996 turbo replica

    Page not found. ???

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    Re: porsche 996 turbo replica

    the sideshot reveals that the wheelbase is to long. Also the rear quarter window is a dead giveaway. A pretty good looking kit. The rear and front look awsome.

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    Re: porsche 996 turbo replica

    this is old news..
    1- the roof is way off,
    2- the lenght is way off
    3- the guys price is way off
    4- true, rather get a boxster and install a kit.

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    Re: porsche 996 turbo replica

    Alright, this thread has got me thinking...

    Porsche boxster is a mid engine and a 911 is a rear engine... but i actually know of a person (on the net only) who's taken his boxster and replaced the engine with a 911 3.6 L engine, really kicked up the horses if you catch my drift. For me, that doesnt really interest me, but i do like the look of the 911/ 996 or 997... so question...

    are the dimensions of a boxter (wheel base, hights, ect.) close enough to an actual 911 or 996 to remove and replace the body pannels? or buy a kit and bolt them over the boxster? just a thought... hey, if this guy can take a none porsche and make it look that good, i would imagine that its even easier to make a boxster look identical to a 911... any thoughts?
    Anyone know if this sort of thing is done?

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    Re: porsche 996 turbo replica

    here is a bit of info:
    porsche boxster wheelbase 2415 mm
    porsche 996 wheelbase 2350 mm

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    Re: porsche 996 turbo replica

    I was in touch with Tech Art regarding the new 987 Wide Body Kit... it is 9750 Euros. And it will only fit the 987, not the 986..

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    Re: porsche 996 turbo replica

    I think the Opel's wheelbase is around 102 inches.

    Some one might fit that body to a 94-04 Mustang!! ;D


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