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Thread: My 355 project

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    My 355 project

    Hello everyone, I'm kinda new here. Wanted to introduce myself to everyone and say hi. The name is Bo and I live in N. Florida. Here is my 84 se I got back in Aug. As you see I was so excited to get started that I didnt even get pics of it before I started removing panels. Beside it is my little man and my Daddy's Girl. Actually he has informed me that this is his car, but he lets me work on it for him... I got my body kit in Dec of last year. Right now my car is down at my nefew's in Ocala getting the stretch and reinforcement done. I was gonna put a 2.8 V6 in it, but found a friend with a 2001 3800 out of a monte carlo. So if anyone wants a completely rebuilt 2.8 let me know. Going down to get my wheels and tires next week. Well anyways Here are some pics I have now, I ll get some of my body and wheel up soon. [img]URL[/img][img]URL[/img][img]URL[/img]

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    Re: My 355 project

    Hot diggy dang I got it. OK here are the pics... Hope you all like ...

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    Re: My 355 project

    Hay, Welcome to the club . Those are great pics. Ya, I just got me my car and completely took of all the panels and cut the roof all in one day. Man it was fun. As far as my 355 kit it is coming in less then 2 weeks (I have to pay for shiping). But it will be fun. If you need any help or have any questions just ask we all will give you our imput and experience ;D.

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    Re: My 355 project

    I've been fighting with my project for about 6 months now - Have bought 3 sets of rear brakes, all of which have been defective! Ahhh!

    I've been meaning to cut off my roof, I've basically decided on a convertable. Where did all you guys cut yours? Any pictures?

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    Re: My 355 project

    *Hey guys just wanted to let ya'll see the new keychain I got off ebay. *

    I seen it and just had to have it, *Nothing like putting your GM keys on a Ferrari keychain. *;D

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    Re: My 355 project

    Is very cool, yes?

    Looks alot like my "just had to have" keychain

    DKOV -

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