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Thread: Got car started

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    Got car started

    On Sat. the 22nd. I finnally get my car started. First I took of all the panels (except for the door). Then I broke the rear glass (I tried to save it but it was glued) Then I barrowed a cercular saw from a friend and just put a metal cutting blade on. Thanks for the advise guys what I did was since I had a sun roof I just cut right on the edge. As far as the part next to the engine I cut underneth the seatbelt but above the gas tank pully thing. Well, know I have to wait a few days because I sent my finnal payment for my kit and payed for the shipping and I should get the kit later this week. Well my next goal is to do the 3 inch stretch. I am pretty happy so just wanted to write. Hope to her from you guys.

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    Re: Got car started

    That's awesome! Congrats! I assume you're doing a 355 - I take it your doing a IFG/Warlock type kit, because you need the 3" strech?

    I'm doing a 355 as well. I haven't actually cut my roof yet though, because I still haven't decided what it is I want to do with the top (Convertable or just buy a fiberglass top and keep it as a coupe). I'm currrently working on getting the mechinacs in proper shape.)

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    Re: Got car started

    Sounds like your pretty excited. I m doing a 355 too. Already got the kit, right now I m getting the stretch done. Having it done professionally cause I want that part right.

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    Re: Got car started

    About a year ago, I gave up building my 355 replica, then, I found this 355 kitcar forum. Thanks God!

    Now if I could just brush the cobwebs off of my 86 SE w/3+ stretch, then I could continue on building my dream car.

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