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Thread: whats up with the bb spyder kit????????

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    whats up with the bb spyder kit????????

    has anyone worked with the bb spyder kit???????
    whats oyure taker on it??
    some say it can be installed in like a day or 2 its that true ?????? is it worth the 6 grand price tag???
    anyone selling one within the next month??

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    Re: whats up with the bb spyder kit????????

    I know "unique" is big on them. He claims to have one of their kits. Don't get me wrong I am not doubting Unique.

    I have asked BB repeatedly for their instruction manual and video, I am willing to pay of course. I have also repeatedly asked to see pictures of the raw kit and nothing. They respond to emails until you ask for specifics. I don't know if I would trust them. I am still waiting for someone to post their buying experience on them.
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    Re: whats up with the bb spyder kit????????

    Of course, you all know where to get a Mirage if you really wanted a HIGH quality kit

    If you're shopping price, then find a cheapie IFG knock off or something like that. Of course, don't forget to factor in other costs like chassis stretch and individualizing panels.

    If you're willing to pay $6000 for a B&B then another $2000 for the Mirage is less than you'll pay to get the other kits up to spec.

    Just something to think about.

    DKOV -

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    Re: whats up with the bb spyder kit????????

    Boddy D

    I'm going to take some close up pictures of the panels for you. I really should get one of those Digital Camera's

    I havent spoken to them in 6 months so I dunno if Ferrari got to them. Some guys on here cant seem to get in touch with them as of late. I was shocked that they put up a website, they seemed like they were going to go low profile.

    Forget about the manual, I was asking for that thing for 1 1/2 years and they never got around to it. I even offered to do the manual for them back in 99. They loved the idea, but they never got the info to me. At the time they didnt even have a complete kit finished, so I figured the manual was a low priority.

    I got my Kit second hand with no manual. Thank god you can basically use the Haynes or Chilton manual to install the panels just like the OEM panels.

    The 2 day install is somewhat of an exageration. The body was pre-prepped, all the panels were removed, the nose trimmed, and the MR2 rear & 348 quarter glass wasnt installed. Plus it was two of them working at the same time. However, the panels do mount perfect the first time you bolt them on. It would really take you about a week or two.

    Have you contacted them voice or via email? They are located in Clearwater FL. Do you know anyone out there that could check them out for you? They did'nt have a problem with me going out there to check out their facilities. You could also contact the FL Fiero club (space coast). They did a showing for the club in Dec 99, their members also witnessed the "2 HOUR" install job.

    Here's the link to the space coast Fiero club site. To get to the B&B Spyder Visit, scroll down to "club newsletters". Click on the "newsletters from 99" link. Then click on "December 1999 newsletter"

    Or Here is the direct link

    You really can't go wrong with either the Mirage or BB Kit.

    They both have good glass, and come in gelcoats. They both dont require a stretch & are not as wide as the IFG kits. Both have seperate body panels for the rear & front.

    The mirage kit has the unrealistic flat roof. It has seperate rocker panels, which makes the kit appear much longer than the real car when the doors are closed, but realistic when the doors are open.

    The BB kit is alot easier to install and requires very little prep work. The entire body was molded from real 355 panels. However, The rocker panels are attached so you get the opposite effect than with the mirage kit. You get the proper length of the car but the doors scream kit when the doors are open. Lastly it has the round roof like the real car.

    I prefer the B&B, DKOV prefers the Mirage. Whatever you go with, FORGET THE IFG/WARLOCK/PERRY splashed kits. THEY ARE A ROYAL PAIN IN THE ASS.

    I think i still have my email of questions I sent him years ago on my HD somewhere. I'll post it if i still have it.


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    Re: whats up with the bb spyder kit????????

    I found those questions ;D. These were from 98-feb 2000

    Is the reason the kit doesn't require as much prep because of the gel coat?

    A lot has to do with the resins, cloth and gel coat used. He uses only the most expensive and best materials. I wouldn't be the least bit afraid to paint his kit black. And you know how that shows the imperfections and gets so hot in the sun it would cause other kits to warp and distort.

    How difficult is the job to reposition and install the front lights to the kit?

    With an apparatus we came up with not to difficult.

    Does the kit bolt up using the same hinges and bolts as the original fiero body? If not, are all the hinges, brackets, bolts necessary included in the kit?

    It uses some not all. Whatever is needed is included

    Are the front grill, hood vent, rear vents & rear deck openings pre drilled or do i have to handle this myself?

    The rear vents on the bottom of the bumper? They are not cut out. The rear deck lid are. The hood vent is non functioning, looks good though and it is a separate piece to bolt on.

    The pictures of the car you sent me doesn't have the holes in the front grill opening like you were mentioning. How did you get around the radiator air flow problem?

    Unfortunately they will have to be cut out in most cases. Either holes or slots with some sort of a screening or trim to dress it up. That nose is an exact copy of the 355. In fact it will bolt right up to real car.

    Can you tell me what are the dimensions of the kit (WxL).

    6 1/2W x 9 1/2L x 4 1/2H

    On the prior kit you sold, I believe the front tires had to be moved out 2" and the rear 4" to be flush with the body. So how many inches inside the fenders are the wheels without the adapters?

    I'll have to measure it, I don't know. The new body is 1 1/2" narrower front and rear on each side for a total of 3" side to side. This is like the real car, the kits were wider than the original.

    Were you able to finish the front compartment covers?

    That is complete. Makes a big difference under the hood.

    How much will it cost?

    Are we talking about the sheet metal covers under the hood to hide the fiero stuff and clean up the compartment? If so, that is part of the kit.

    What changes were made to the body since dec?

    (dam!!!! im asking about DECEMBER 98 ;D)

    The bracketry and supports that connect the fiberglass panels to the chassis have been redesigned and are just unbelievably easy to install for anyone. The hood hinges are so much better and the headlight assemblies are very close to the original 355's.

    What's your average install time, is it easier since the refinements to the mounts brackets ect.

    We can get one paint ready in about 1 week or less. We can actually have the panels on in about 15 - 20 minutes if all the neccessary cutting is done ahead of time.

    From everything you tell me, it sounds like installing the panels is as easy as removing the original ones. The only parts im worried about is hinging the new rear deck and the head light assembly.

    Bolts right into place, a 4 year old could do it. The toughest part is cutting away the fiero areas. Not hard scary for alot people.

    Does the kit include all grills, glass and lights to complete the kit?

    No, I'm trying to get a pkg deal on those items. The grills are no problem, cheap. We are looking into getting the after market MR2 back glass that doesn't have the Toyota imprint. A guy here locally said he can etch in the ferrari symbol. The glass costs us about $150 for the mr2 rear glass and $250 for the pair of 348-side glass. The 355 glass is exactly the same but 4 times the price. Real lights should be used price? The Cory Rudl lights work too though at a lot less.

    (DKOV :-[ it's the 348 glass not the 328 glass)

    Is the rear window opening of the kit molded to fit the rear mr2 glass?

    Yes, the mr2 window "pops" right into place. On finishing the paint job the sealer is placed on the window and put in place, thats all there is to it.

    Does the kit need a new windshield?

    Only if yours is not acceptable. Some turn a nasty yellow at the top where it should be a blue tint.

    How much is the kit? I just hope the price isn't to way out there for my budget.

    $9,000.00ÖThe only way I justify the cost really besides quality is the time to build it and the savings on the paint prep. It is a straight car, little or no prep. Scuff and paint. No waves to fix, no glassing, no fabricating to make work, simple!

    What are you charging for labor to install the kit and also for a rough install?

    For $12,000 the customer takes it home, has it painted and installs his lights and glass. We will hinge the hood, trunk, headlight installed, everything.

    Do you have a sales contract i can look over. I can put together a K.I.S.S.(keep it simple stupid) Contract and you can alter it to your specification, just let me know.

    I'd be into something like that.

    Are you willing to handle the financial *transaction via. escrow, because i would prefer to handle the transaction this way...The only other way i would do it is to pay in full upon pickup.

    All money would remain in an account until you take delivery of the car? Might need some so it is not all out of my pocket. We can probably work something out. It will be 6-8 weeks before a kit that is not spoken for is available. I would love to work with you and as soon as we get some good video footage I can send it your way. A trip to Clearwater Florida might be a good idea.

    Can you send me a list of all parts included in the kit so i can draw up that kiss (keep it simple stupid) sales letter I previously discussed with you?

    no problem, every bit and piece, an inventory list. Gives us a check list at the same time.

    What kind of shipping arrangements were made for the first two kits, which are going to be exported?

    Container from Miami that the buyer made arrangements for, I really don't know the cost but I know it takes 30 days to get to Sydney, Australia.

    Great door panels! what will the pricing be like?

    I'll have to get with you on that. I think we had quoted in the early stages of fabrication $2,000 upholstered. I am not quite sure though. Looks like a real door doesn't it?

    How much is left to complete the interior? Is the door panel in the pic leather or vinyl.

    That was both. The tan is vinyl and the black is leather. All that is left to complete the interior is fine tuning the opening mechanism. We're also still waiting to hear back from Mr. Mike on the interior upholstering.

    Lastly, How much not upholstered

    Not sure, this has been a very sensitive area for the guy doing it. He knows how close it is and is afraid a raw interior going out will speed up the copying process. We figure covered there is less chance of it getting slashed real fast.

    I was planning on getting a weird color scheme with the interior leather, what colors were you planning on providing?
    This is the main reason i wanted to purchase it uncovered, so i could have this done locally...

    Pretty much stock Ferrari colors. Selling it uncovered, is a very sticky issue with my partner as we have had some problems in the past doing this.

    Oh no, this is not good for me. I would be willing to sign an agreement or anything that could protect you guys legally, because this would be a real pain if i had to reupholster the panels, not to mention the unnecessary added costs.

    You're right. I'll talk with the other Bill and see what we can work out, shouldn't be a problem.

    How's the interior coming? Is Mike's Interiors still doing it?

    He'll cover whatever we bring him. The interior is made but still not molded. The exterior has been keeping us busy.

    Do you know of any manufacturers who produce big brake kit (11"-13" rotors) for the fiero with cross drilled rotors?

    (haha this was before Held had a cross drilled brake package)

    We can have it done. We have access to a couple of machine shops near our shop, it is not very hard to do yourself either. Jason Wenglikowski (Mr. Mikeís Interiors) seems to be on top of a lot of after market improvements.

    In the new photos of the side of the body i noticed the wheels you had on the kit. Were those original ferrari? Were they 17" or 18" wheels? How did you get the ferrari emblem on them?

    Yes, original 18" 512tr wheels, came with the emblems. Called on a set of original 355 for $2,000 tires and wheels but they were gone.

    Really? I remember you told me it wasn't possible because the bolt pattern was different?

    Special spacer adapters, poor quality just to let you know. Another guy had them done for his old style IFG kit and told us to sell his kit so he can have one of ours, and use his wheels in the mean time. I wouldn't use those spacers on the road though.

    How's it coming with the local guy doing the wheel spacers for you?

    Spacers will be done by a machinist next door and he can do them as per customer request if he has the right numbers to go by. We know the fiero bolt pattern and the offset, but the wheel size and bolt pattern that the customer wants to use is also needed to do it.

    Can he do any manufacturers bolt pattern?

    Yes, with the correct numbers or the wheel in hand. He is a machinist and will do this for me only.

    Do you have other workers or is it just you?

    Just me and my roommate /partner. His name is Bill as well and he is another car nut.

    Are you still able to get 3 kits per month?

    I still believe we can get 3 per month but not for a couple of months. I want to make sure all the bugs are worked out first and review responses from buyers with suggestions and questions. That is how I feel the kit will be the best anywhere.

    Were you able to finish the manual or at least some assembly photos?

    (here i go asking about that pesky manual)

    That is a project that is not going well for me as time is not there. I tell myself that is a good night time job at home but when I get home to work on it I'm dead. I have all the info ready to go, pictures, ect. but have not put the info in order.

    Are you waiting for any other parts or are the kits complete?

    No, all parts are complete except for the gas door. we are having the kits cast as we need them.

    That's it. He answered everything i threw at him, no matter how many questions. That's why I eventually tracked down one of his kits.

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    Re: whats up with the bb spyder kit????????


    I am not "one of those", I just happen to KNOW some of those Actually, I did come across two Mirage Kits for sale, one spider and one coupe. The Spider is sold, took only 18 hours and the Coupe is "spoken for" although nothing physical has changed hands.

    I agree with you posts about the Mirage and the BB in exception to one point...

    The Mirage HAS the rounded roof. It is NOT flat. I know that is a major issue with most kits but not with either the Mirage or the BB. They both have the rounded rooflines.

    As for using 512 TR rims on a 355? Yuck. That's not my bag-o-wheels

    $9000 is a whole lot more than I thought for the BB!!! I thought it was around $6000. Sounds like the BB is MORE expensive than the Mirage BEFORE you modify it to separate the rockers!

    The fit and finish seems very good although none of us have ever seen one in person. Except you and I believe what you say about it being high quality. Sounds great.

    One thing bothers me though... why Florida? Why are SO MANY kit companies in Florida? Perhaps it's not the case with BB, but Florida is... well, how do you say?... um... "Flight from Prosecution"

    It is simply amazing how many of the "dead ends" involving ripped off kit car hopefuls end up in Florida! Check with Kit Car's Cosumer Alerts page... MOST are from or moved to... FLORIDA!

    Speaking of Florida, Paul's Exotics is also in Florida and he just recently sold a couple of kits on E-bay. Amazingly, he's got a NEGATIVE ONE rating on his e-bay sales!!! He sold a IRM rocker kit and never sent it to the winner!!! He's also sold and is selling his 355 kit on there as well.

    I never got the manual or video I PAID for from him and I know others that haven't received things from him either. NOW, he's selling his kits on E-bay! That's some major balls! These guys have NO shame!

    Well, that's my rant for now

    Enjoy the build!

    DKOV -

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    Re: whats up with the bb spyder kit????????

    After seeing the bb in person, I was disappointed.
    Iíll just leave it at that.

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    Re: whats up with the bb spyder kit????????

    Spyder: When did you see it? The pictures circulating around the net make it look like its perfect!

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