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Thread: Wheel Studs

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    Wheel Studs

    Hey guys:

    I was wondering if anyone knows where I can buy wheel studs to install in wheel adaptors?, They would need to be around 3" long or so. I have thought long and hard about the wheel adaptor saftey issue, And have decided I want to stay away from the aluminum ones because they are just too
    prone to breakage. I don't wan't that on my mind while driving my car, I will only be doing city driving mainly and no racing.

    Anyways I am having my local machine shop make me a set out of steel and be 2" thick. These guys have fabricated many of the parts on the lambo already and do amazing work. Has anyone made a set out of steel before? What do you guys think about doing this?. I am going to get them to start next week as long as I can find some studs to use.

    Thanks for all the help

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    Re: Wheel Studs


    They make adapters and spacers and should have a good idea of what studs you might need. He is OLD SCHOOL and quite the talker but does INCREDIBLE work and knows his stuff. Fred is a GOOD guy!

    Good Luck!

    DKOV -

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    Re: Wheel Studs

    since your going to use steel machined adapters, you could do away with studs altogether. Mercedes uses long threaded lug bolts to go thru rim and into rotor, and has for years. All the Mercedes SL roadsters were done that way. You could buy the right length from Mercedes dealer and have your machine shop tap them to fit. No nuts and studs to mess with. Just some other possiblity you could look into.

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