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Thread: Hi-Tech Development Kit Cars

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    Hi-Tech Development Kit Cars

    As some of you may know hi-tech development is claiming to sell 355, Testarossa and Countach kit cars. Here's the information I've been able to find out (This is the result of my research and deductive skills, so there may be inaccuracies!)

    Hi-tech development ( does not seem manufactur any kit cars. They resell kit car bodies for Carlos Rossa.( ). Make sure to go to the bottom of Carlos' Page and rear the copyright notice (missed it? It says "Copyright 2000")

    Carlos Rossa, and Hi-Tech development for that matter, claim to make Countach, Testarossa and 355 kits. Yet neither company has shown anyone I know pictures of their 355 kit or posted any on their sites, even though they can provide a price for it.

    Carlos Rossa has a link on his website to a trucking company (And Hi-tech dev. for that matter), which then has a link to "A friends kit car site", which is listed as (You guessed it! If you visit this site it has a picture of a 355 kit in fairly rough shape. The picture on this site looks to be a Tony Sousa style (Tony is a friend of Carlos Rossa and High tec development) IFG clone which has had the rocker panels and bumpers cut away as seperate pieces. I may be wrong in this assumption, for I have never seen what a Mirage kit looks like in real life. Dkov maybe step in around now ? *

    Now what does this all mean?
    Not much to tell you the truth. Its understandable that an individual rather then selling a product directly would resell through a company. And Rossa's final products seem come out really, really nice. Just thought I'd try to paint a picture for everyone, and have some fun doing some detective work while im at it.

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    Re: Hi-Tech Development Kit Cars

    I don't really know what to say other than a Mirage looks great, even in the rough. That "whatever-it-is" single picture of a 355 clone, does not look anthing like a Mirage. Sure, the rockers are separate but the rest of the body is disproportionate. That makes this kit a Mirage as much as eating at McDonalds makes you a Big Mac.

    Of course, I could be wrong, it's a very bad picture but it doesn't look right to me.

    As far as any company that has anything to do with Sousa or his "clan" is a no-go by me. Fool us once, shame on him... Fool us TWICE, shame on US!!!

    I hope I helped,

    DKOV -

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    Re: Hi-Tech Development Kit Cars

    Here is my reply form HI-Tech.... I recieved my reply from someone named James Givens.

    Subject: Re: Ferrari Replica
    Date: Thu, 28 Feb 2002 20:20:20 -0500
    From: James Givens <>
    To: 360wanna_be (i removed my email adress)

    we are very close to installing the first body. it's going to be the best 355 kit around.


    Welllll.... i have been watching this kit for over a year and a half!!! the website has been under construction just as long! At one time i did receive about 6 or 7 pictures of the build up. But that was over a year ago. ???
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    Re: Hi-Tech Development Kit Cars

    Sounds like the same run around I got...

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