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Thread: Kit Car Club

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    Kit Car Club

    Would like to start a club in the Connecticut area mainly for Lambo builders but open to any kit car builder. Just something fun, maybe some BBQ's and meets, poker runs, help each other with build problems things like that. Anyone here in the Connecticut area interested send me a reply or email me

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    Re: Kit Car Club

    You should put a few cheap ads in your local newspapers too ....

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    Re: Kit Car Club

    for what area?

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    Re: Kit Car Club

    Where is Conneticut? :-\

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    Re: Kit Car Club

    Quote Originally Posted by BondoBob
    Where is Conneticut? :-\
    It's in the New England area, between New York and Rhode Island (To the West and East, respectivly) and below Massachusetts. Here's a picture of the area:

    If you look at a map of the United States the New England area is in the extreme upper right hand corner. (North East)
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