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Thread: Plate Vs. No Plate.....

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    Plate Vs. No Plate.....

    whats the difference between the Ferrari engine plate,and just the Decal?...they look the same to me

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    Re: Plate Vs. No Plate.....

    If you're talking about some of these aftermarket decals and such, the ferrari engine plate is different because the Ferrari decal is on a polished aluminum plate that you stick to the motor while the decal only is, well... a decal only.

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    Re: Plate Vs. No Plate.....

    Wouldn't a decal melt?

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    Re: Plate Vs. No Plate.....

    There probaly made out of aluminum foil with a high heat glue...correct me if I'm wrong...

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    Re: Plate Vs. No Plate.....

    My Ferrari intake plates have the logo made in vinyl. I have never had one melt. There is not enough heat in that area to damage them. I have been asked this same question many times thru the years. : )

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