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Thread: Bah, it snowed again!

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    Bah, it snowed again!

    Now my Garage is going to be all cold for the next few days, preventing me from doing a lot of work on the car... and I was making so much progress too!

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    Re: Bah, it snowed again!

    Heat your garage. What ever it costs is more than worth it. You can work on your car 365 days and your other cars can thaw out in the winter. It's the best thing I ever did.
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    Re: Bah, it snowed again!

    It has been snowing alot this season in the Maritimes, However it has been raining like crazy the last week or so. I have a small heater I picked up and it works great in the garage. With a couple extra layers of cloths on helps too, I can't wait for summer!.


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