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Thread: Re: tesarossa kit

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    Re: tesarossa kit

    Not to be smart, but, do you know who the manufacturer is, or might you have some pics. If it is manufactured by a company named CK3, I can give you lots of info.

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    Re: tesarossa kit

    Welcome to the forum ;D !

    ... And if you don't have any idea who manufacturer it, maybe most some pictures of it and we can figure it out for you!

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    Re: tesarossa kit

    Welcome Jam. Should be lots of info on the net with searches or Pennocks on Testarossa bodykits. There has been a lot produced. I happen to have a set of real Ferrari wheels for that car of yours. was trying to sell them states-side for $1000 us, but would consider leaving them in our country. Looking forward to seeing your pics.
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    Re: tesarossa kit

    I bought an " in progress" Testarossa in Dec 2000. Let's see those photos. I'll be glad to answer any questions I have conquered!
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