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Thread: Bill Welch 355

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    Bill Welch 355

    Has anyone here built one of his kits? Its rather expensive but the glass is freaking amazing. This is the best glass i have ever seen in the kit industry. Plus this has to be the easiest 355 kit to install. I have seen this thing mounted ready for prep work in 1 day. It's as easy to install and it is to remove the original panels. Plus there is no fitting necessary, because the lines & gaps are perfect the first time you mount the panels.

    Outside of the attached rocker panels *:-[ this is the most authentic 355 kit i have ever seen. The roof is round not flat, it uses the real ferrari quarter panel glass & the fiberglass is so good it allmost looks primed right out of the molds. You save 1500-2000 right off the bat on prep work or 50-100 hours if you're handling it yourself.

    It makes the Mirage kit look terrible and the Warlock kits look laughable

    The only problem is that there is no spyder version *:'(

    Check out pics below:

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    Re: Bill Welch 355

    any pics ???

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    Re: Bill Welch 355

    Is there a web link?

    1961 Ferrari 250 GT California. Less than 100 made. My father spent 3 yrs restoring this car. It is his love, it is his passion, it is his life.<br />It's his fault he didn't lock the garage<br /><br />BobbyD

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    Re: Bill Welch 355


    I AM NOT 1000000% SURE THO...

    Someone I spoke to b4 told me... Well the website is


    I am saving to buy one... since i am 20 and currently unemployed from UPS...dam that company...

    I NEED A FRIGGIN JOB B4 god forbidddddd FERRARI shuts them down!

    Anyone wants to give me a load for $15000, payed back in full in 4years!

    Eh i wish it was that easy to get money!

    Take care guys!

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    Re: Bill Welch 355

    thier web site is

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    Re: Bill Welch 355

    I've been in contact with Bill off and on since 98, and they didnt have a spyder at that time and were not planning on doing one, but maybe things have changed.

    Check out pics below:

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