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Thread: nice kit... mix 360 and lambo?

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    Re: nice kit... mix 360 and lambo?

    Yea that is a nice kit. If you want to purchase it and build it yourself do alot of research. The company been sold about 3 times over and I am not totally sure on the details.

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    Re: nice kit... mix 360 and lambo?

    It has never been easy to get a Attack. Euro works was suppose to distribute them, but I dont know whatever happened with that.

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    Re: nice kit... mix 360 and lambo?

    i think his name is paul at exotic cars in florida, they have all those porsche replicas like the 959, etc...

    he's got the attack and its an electric car too, selling for 65,000$US, last time i checked...

    a lot of his cars are a little steep...anyone heard much about that company?

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