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Thread: Photo test

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    Photo test

    Just trying to upload a picture of my car

    lets see if this works

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    Re: Photo test

    Nice Car DL10 bet you get alot of lookers.

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    Re: Photo test

    DL10, that's great! Tell us more about it. ;D

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    Re: Photo test

    VERY nice !!! Dl10. stories please.... Too much SNOW
    Sandy ;D

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    Re: Photo test

    Thanks for the nice comments, heres a link to my club web site's member page
    There are links to other sites about the car too
    I am going to be in the World of Wheels Show in Chicago this week end snow snow

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    Re: Photo test

    nice car never seen one before looks good who mades it

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    Re: Photo test

    The car was designed and built by a man in Tennessee , Don Lee. He built three proto-types, each one changing a little. My car is # 3 his last car. I bought the car 5 years ago from a ad in Deals on Wheels.


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    Re: Photo test


    What did you use for rims?

    John Good
    <br />Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario
    <br />Canada

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    Re: Photo test

    The rims are custom drilled Boyds 15x8 with 215 50's in front and 15x10 with 305 50's in rear

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