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Thread: My photo test

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    My photo test

    It's first run.

    John Good
    <br />Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario
    <br />Canada

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    Re: My photo test

    Nice looking car you have thre. ;D

    Don't leave us in the dark! Give us the skinny!

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    Re: My photo test

    OK! Here it is!

    It is an ARTERO. It was completed enough to show at Carlisle last May with PISA. It was built on an '85 GT chassis.

    The frame was stripped, painted, undercoated, and Rust Checked, all new ball joints, shocks and anything else I could find.

    The engine is a 3.2L - bored, stroked, ported, polished, #19 injectors, underdrive pulley, high output ignition, ram air, hot cam, special pistons, 1.6 roller rockers, custom exhaust, chip low temp. thermostat and is currently undergoing a turbo upgrade (I have a water cooled T3 and space for a big intercooler).

    PW/Remote Locks and trunk/cruise/tilt/air/auto/backup radar/auto running lights

    The exterior is base/clear Chrome Yellow and now has black grillwork and detailing. I have gas struts for the rear hatch and a self contained rear trunk.

    Interior is black and grey with leather seats, door panels, light grey plush carpet, custom dash (just being recovered), digital gauges, and a Sony CD sound system.

    I run 265/15's and 195/15's tires with Grand Am brake upgrades. I have front and rear sway bars and hope to get the 'bump steer' kit in this spring.

    Other than that, it's just a regular Fiero!


    John Good
    <br />Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario
    <br />Canada

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    Re: My photo test

    That looks great, Can't wait to see some more pics, Mabye of the interiour?

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    Re: My photo test

    Nice! 8)

    I bet you have a few stories with a car like that!

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    Re: My photo test

    Looks good..........Lets see under the hood. It sounds like a real screamer.

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