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Thread: 0-60 < 4-seconds!!

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    0-60 < 4-seconds!!

    Anyone have any interest in a setup like this?

    I know they are doing 0-60 < 4-seconds because they weigh only about 2000 lbs. So lets say an AD355 for example, how much does it weigh? 3000 lbs? So with the combination of the fiero motor torque in the rear and the electric motor in the front, your AWD acceleration would be sub 5 seconds. Enough to keep up there with the real thing. If you were to turbo the fiero or swap in a L67 or Ls1, or 4.9NS then i think that combo might be able to pull a sub 4.

    Not to mention It would make the fuel economy of ANY car with ANY engine improve because more fuel is used during acceleration than cruising.

    AND you could ask to be reviewed for the carpool-pass because you could show that your car is a hyrbid.
    (most emissions are emitted during intial accelerations, something the electric motor would assist with)

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    Re: 0-60 < 4-seconds!!

    From my understanding the L67 with minimal mods in a Fiero does a 5 second 0-60. It would be easy to achieve sub 5 second times with a few more mods.

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    Re: 0-60 < 4-seconds!!

    NICE.... Then an AD355 with modded L67 for the rear axle and a Electric motor for the front axle, could be in the low 4's...

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