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Thread: why not silver?

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    why not silver?

    I am getting ready to paint my 328. I know red is the color most people choose, but tell me why not silver. I want to paint it silver to hide any imperfects in the body, I have blocked it to death with a long board but I know red will show more waves than silver.
    I am concerned about resale value of the car.
    I will love the car any color it is so, tell me what you guys think.

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    Re: why not silver?

    I hate red....

    Silver is nice.....go 4 it

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    Re: why not silver?

    silver is is traditional

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    Re: why not silver?

    Red is most popular for Ferrari because I believe every Ferrari body is designed with Red as the main color. Therefore, showing the lines of the cars the best in Red. It's your car, paint it what ever color you want.

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    Re: why not silver?

    It is your car (aka pride and joy), paint it what ever color you want.

    When I started my 355 build, I was under the "I hate red" philsophy. The more I reserach I did on Ferraris, the more that red stood out. I went to many cars shows and car meets and started to see that red shows the lines and shadows of the car. I believe that they design cars to be red and paint them different colors just because people ask for it. When I first saw the car in silver, I liked it. Then it started to look less like a Ferrari and more like a Celica. On the road, I hardly see non red Ferraris. The other colors blend into the other cars on the road.

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    Re: why not silver?

    No offence to owners of red cars - but I felt that red was a bit obvious.

    I cant see myself wanting a red car normally - so my f355 was no different

    As people have said - go with the colour you like

    Many say that pink is tacky - but its great if you like pink!

    I think silver is very executive and while silver doesnt scream FERRARI, it would look fantastic

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    Re: why not silver?

    So...what color did you end up painting the car???? How about uploading a picture or two? I myself prefer black...but Ferrari uses black as an accent color on many of their cars, and you lose the detailing if the entire car is black. Silver is probabably the next best Ferrari color to the Rosso Corso red. I've never been a fan of Fly Yellow.

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    Re: why not silver?

    I decided to go red, I didn't have the paint code for Rossa, but I have always loved the GM torch red so I went with it.
    The body came out better than I thought it would. I will post some pictures as soon as I figure out how to do it. The rear deck grills, front grill and exhaust grill still need finished but I am in the process of selling my house and the car has got put on the back burner for the last few weeks.

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    Re: why not silver?

    A non Red Ferrari? Blasphemy! >
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    Re: why not silver?

    What color you choose is obviously up to you. To me, silver is a it boring for such a nice shaped car. Silver today is I think the most popular/common color, like bronze metallic in the 90s (which was the most common color in the 90s). I happen to like the lambo lime green on most sports cars, but not on a ferrari. I do like the Cala yellow though, I find that great. Red is a classic, and you'll only look 'typical' online or at a show, never on the road.
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