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Thread: Any 360s in the US?

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    Any 360s in the US?

    Hi All,

    With all the threads on the DNA 360s it was next to impossible to know or find out if any had made it to U.S. shores whether in kit or distributor form. Is there an expected date of arrival? All of us would be interested in knowing!!!!


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    Re: Any 360s in the US?

    with the exchange rate you need to find someone in the US with 16-18k just for the fiberglass kit.

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    Re: Any 360s in the US?

    Try Air-Dynamics at their website: I plan on visiting around the 3rd week in May and will try to update the website/forum as to progress.
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    Re: Any 360s in the US?

    I heard rumours that a US-based 360 kit will be at Carlise in May....

    I'm not sure who makes it or if there will be a complete 360 car there but I will find out and post updates...

    I plan on going to Carlise for the Import/Replica Show this should be interesting.

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    Re: Any 360s in the US?

    we will ship direct

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    Re: Any 360s in the US?

    I would've bought a DNA if the exchange rate wasn't so whacked.
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