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Thread: DNA F430....

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    DNA F430....

    I know what I'm about to say is a biasis statement, however I feel my opinions worth hearing....

    I think DNA and their 360 I mean 351XTY was as complete success. But now that the F360 is succeeded w/ another ferrari then when will their be a DNA 43rty? The F430 vs F360 are very similar in design, the engine cover and section behind the seats are exact as well as the fender to door line. The changes are suttle, I really like the design of both, I'm just anxious to know if DNA is in the design faze of this car by chance?

    Also I am strickly talking about DNA's cars, not anyone elses.... I really dont want a feiro based car, the MR2 spyder is perfect in my mind to use as DNA has.

    Also, what i'm about to ask might be utterly stupid, but its an idea. I wounder how hard it would be to convert one of these to a coupe. I think you could use the engine cover glass the same as w/ the coupe and convert. I love the coupe, and also I want it mid engine, and I dont like the extreme using the P 406.... although I love extreme's work as well!


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    Re: DNA F430....

    we are working on a few things at the moment but both are possible and are being looked at many thanks DNA

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    Re: DNA F430....

    Thanks DNA for the reply, I also wonder if you guys would mold the NOVITEC style bumpers in the future? for the F360?

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