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Thread: Design Opinions

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    Design Opinions

    I dont have any experience with 3d modeling or anything...just Photoshop...and not much of that either. I am by no means; an artist, but I think this "rendering" basically shows the design of a car I have a picture of in my head. What about it annoys you? what do you like?

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    Re: Design Opinions

    Nothing inherently wrong with it, just some some things I'd have done differently:

    The front bumper looks very similar to recent lambo designs, I would redo the trunklid and bumper so that they integrate more cleanly.

    The headlights are somewhat generic and dont fit with the fender shape, some tweaking needed here.

    The roofline and glass look very flat and unrealistically low, look to the koenigsegg for a shape that works.

    The saturn badge has to go :-X

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    Re: Design Opinions

    its actually 2 intersecting A's...I'll show you a sharper picture tomorrow. I accidentally saved the blurry one over the sharp.

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