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Thread: How do you define kit car and body kit?

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    How do you define kit car and body kit?

    Is there a difference between what one would call a "kit car" and a "body kit". I have seen some body kits that replace all the panels on a car except for the windshield. (Toyota MRS kit, miata kit etc) What do you define as a "kit car" and "body kit" or are they the same?

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    Re: How do you define kit car and body kit?

    short , answers....
    a body kit is ..... "a series of panels which are designed to alter the vehicles appearance, whilst retaining a significant portion of the original car"

    a kit car (or component car if you prefer) is ....." a vehicle who's construction derives from one or more vehicles and does not resemble or contain a significant portion of a single donor "

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