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Thread: Any more Vette 360 modenas? If not why not?

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    Any more Vette 360 modenas? If not why not?

    To me the C5 and even more now the C6 vette in red look VERY similar to a Ferrari. I just saw one come the other way in the opposite direction and I had to do a double take to make sure it WAS a vette because of the C6 headlights look so "ferarri" like to me. With the low roof line and wide wheelbase why dont more kit car makers make Vette -> Ferrari conversions? Is it a front to back wheelbase problem?

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    Re: Any more Vette 360 modenas? If not why not?

    the cost of the donor ,most of the market player are looking for $4500.00 kits a hand full would pay , you should take it upon yourself to design a kit for the new corvette
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    Re: Any more Vette 360 modenas? If not why not?

    I'm confused!!!

    Why are you talking about Vette to Vetter clip conversions when this topic (you started this originally) is about Vetter --> Ferrari 360 conversions?? >

    Who gives a crap about that??

    If you don't have any info on the original topic conversion then take your Vette talk off-line....(It's nice to see how the Moderators really allow irrelevant discussions to go on and on and on and hardly ever do anything about it)... :

    Anything to generate traffic in this almost-dead forum...

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