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Thread: Interesting Comparison

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    Interesting Comparison

    I was just snooping around the web the other day and found this very interesting comparison btween the Toyota Supra
    and the new Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano.

    Very close, some minor differences but for the most part the 599 looks like a sweet supra.



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    Re: Interesting Comparison

    Looks like the designer of the Ferrari 599 used Supra as inspiration. 90% of the modern cars "borrow" the design of its rivals... :

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    Re: Interesting Comparison

    that looks like an oppertunity to create another great replica - someone should jump on that one!

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    Re: Interesting Comparison

    the wheelbase is off 8 inches...but other than that pretty close

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    Re: Interesting Comparison

    Hmmm...that is a near perfect candidate for a donor. Just extend the front overhand slightly to compensate for the difference in length. A new project for GTRwidebody?

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    Re: Interesting Comparison

    If you guys done already know, supras hold their value and are exotic enough as is... maybe because I'm a supra TT owner myself, but I've got mine on the market for 25K right now.

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    Re: Interesting Comparison

    funny thing is that if it was any other car company that ripped of the supra this bad we would have talked about them really bad. That ferrari looks at least 75% influenced by the supra anything over 40% is just stealing folks. If anything it looks like a Supra replica that ferrari made. ;D
    This kit has to be able to be made without major modifications.

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    Re: Interesting Comparison

    Only problem is the rear window and quarter glass of the 599 meet each other. The aerodynamic butress thingy would be challenging to pull of on any car without reworking the glass. EDIT: there is no quarter glass at all. :-[ Just a curved rear window. Plays a real optical illusion pending upon the angle you look at it from.

    Fabrication of a new curved rear window would be in order.

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    Re: Interesting Comparison

    now THAT is sexy...good catch Magus...

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    Re: Interesting Comparison

    would that be a curved rear glass like a 70's vette , with buttresses over the top

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