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Thread: Just saying hi

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    Just saying hi

    Just wanted to say hi to everyone on this new board. Great Job setting up this BB. Hope it gets some traffic. I had one on our club web site , but the service went down. check out our site at and my page

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    Re: Just saying hi

    Welcome to the board!
    Love the Predator/Pantera! Very cool looking design!

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    Re: Just saying hi

    Cool, always wondered what car the Predator was emulating. You really don't see many Pantera's and the ones I have see were older ones. If you don't mind me asking, could you post some interior pictures of your DL Predator (unless of course, you didn't change it from the stock Fiero look).

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    Re: Just saying hi

    The interior and drive train are still pretty much stock. Maybe this winter I will make some changes

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