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Thread: Mini Blade fuse holders

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    Mini Blade fuse holders

    Hi peeps.

    New to forum and on the look out for a mini blade fuse holder that holds from 10 to 15 fuses. The only places i could find were below and they only stock the fuses which i will also need. I was hoping to find a place that sold both to save on shipping charges by getting from same shop. (these sell fuse holders but only standard blade, i need mini-blade.) (anybody bought from this shop before, i was thinking of getting the fuses from these because they sell them single and do free shipping.)

    Any help would be really appreciated. Thanks. Great forum btw.

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    Re: Mini Blade fuse holders

    Welcome to the forum.I beleave Radio Shack sells the mini fuses (Im not sure if they sell the Individual fuse holders,Im prety sure Radio Shack doest sell the mini fuse blocks).
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    Re: Mini Blade fuse holders

    Welcome to the forum. I typically find my blade fuses at just about any local autoparts store. Millions of cars use them so here in the States they are plentiful. Where are you located?

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    Re: Mini Blade fuse holders


    Thanks for the replies guys. Im in the UK. Are mini blade fuses normally found on Jap cars like Nissan, Toyota etc?

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