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Thread: porsche body panels

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    porsche body panels

    Hey, quick question... could anyone direct me to any resources on how to remove and replace porsche body panels, and particularly, what body panels are cross compatible with which model cars?

    Figure the most economical way of driving a 911 twin turbo is to just remove and replace the body panels of a carrera with those of the turbo.

    If im in la la land, please educate me. I've come accross a 2006 911 carrera with some side damage going for a rediculous steal, and so im thinking instead of replacing the damaged panels with the same, just do some upgrading.

    any porsche related kit and upgrade info would be great.



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    Re: porsche body panels

    I know it can be done because you have companies like Wicked Motor Works in California who've made a very impressive business of restoring and majorly upgrading insurance salvaged porsches and selling them for quite reasonable rates... im just looking to cut out the middle man so to say.

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    Re: porsche body panels

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    Re: porsche body panels

    Contact those guys and keep us updated...

    In the link there is a picture of the rear of a shell of a 996. I emailed about that shell and was told 6000$USD, if i am not mistaken....It was awhile ago...

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    Re: porsche body panels

    i think that sounds a little tough why not just keep the carrera the same way it is?

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    Re: porsche body panels

    Hey thanks for the responses,

    dont get me wrong, i like the carrera and cabriolet the way they are, all beautiful cars, but i REALLY like the look of the twin turbo or the GT2 and 3.

    I figure since they are practically the same car, why not make some improvements to the stock and make it a little more exotic.

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