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Thread: Interior help

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    Interior help

    Hey guys, i'm restoring a datsun 280zx and we just finished the paint and have started on the interior.

    the dash is a bit dirty, i think it needs to be scrubbed.

    i'm not taking the dash out, but are there any cleaners/tools/methods that would make the job easier or better?

    any tips or advice would help a ton!

    thanks guys :]

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    Re: Interior help

    So how dirty is so dirty that you are looking for ways to save time? (post a pic)

    I used to run a valet service at a repair shop when I was young, and there are not many car interiors that could not be cleaned with soap and water i.e. damp cloth or sponge. Window cleaner normally worked on the plastics too if it had a tough spot (boot marks), and to finish it off get some silicone spray and spray it when it's dry. Looks good as new if you take your time. Some things just take as long as it does if you want to do it good.
    If its faded, well, you can get vinyl paint and do that, but its tricky and it has to be super clean and wiped with a degreaser light enough not to damage the plastics.

    Leather is a whole nother story but I don't think the nissan had leather, did it?

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