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Thread: Fiero based ferrari 308 GTS

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    Fiero based ferrari 308 GTS

    Please please please can anyone help ?
    I am trying to find the name of the company that built my car.
    Its a Ferrari 308 GTS replica based upon a Pontiac fiero
    Its was made around 1992 by a company ran by two brothers in Stroud in the United Kingdom. I believe they are no longer trading but would still like to find out more. The person who comissioned the building of my car passed away in 2002, but was inspired by an article that was published in a United Kingdom ??? Kit Car magazine I assume in 1992 or just before, does anyone have any old kit car mags from that era, they could have a quick look at to see if they have the article? Any information what so ever would be great. Many thanks

    Eventually figured out how to post pics, anyone any ideas which kit this may be ? Many thanks

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    Re: Fiero based ferrari 308 GTS

    If you post a pic, particularly showing either the rear bumper area or the front headlight area I should be able to have a good guess. Ones I know of are SPM/Lakeside, Roy kelly (I have one of these) and Fiero factory. SPM/lakeside and roy kelly have a narrow bit of the bonnet running down each side of the front lights. The F factory have much wider front lights. Also the Ffactory grilles are moulded rather than aluminium & removable. The roy kelly rear doesnt have a vented exhaust cover a the rear, just a thin grille running under the back bumper.

    The two brothers bit doesnt fit the Ffactory or roy kelly so it could be SPM

    Where in the UK are you? There arent too many of these left over here now (not running anyway!!)

    Pics would help. PM me with your e-mail if you cant post pics.
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    Re: Fiero based ferrari 308 GTS

    Question answered...
    It is a SPM kit but when it was built at SPM's factory it was a solid roof GTS, it was 2 years later that it got converted to a GTS spec targa roof, with under car bracing to support the chassis.
    Anyone know if any kits were originally constructed in GTS guise ?

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