Hello, me and my father have been looking at buying a kit car for some time now and have decided on a Jaguar C-Type replica. Unfortunately, we have found that all of the kits available in the UK are well above our price range of about 10'000-15'000. We have however found an American company producing a replica for $21'100. This does not include an engine (Chevy/Ford V8), transmission or drive shaft but does include everything else. We were wondering if the car would a) pass a UK SVA test, b) be able to run a normal registration plate (not a Q) if a log book could be acquired and say, the driveshaft and gearbox was used from the car in question, and finally c) if we would have to pay duty on importing it. This is a link to the site: http://www.shellvalley.com/Replicas_...s/Jag_Replica/. We have some experience in car mechanics having restored a Mini and I have done some running repairs. Would this be enough to build one of these cars and does our budget sound sensible?
Thanks in advance,