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Thread: Information wanted

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    Information wanted

    In 1998-1999 I bought a kit-car catalogue in which featured a modern, two-seater, I believe three-wheeler, sports car of advanced design.

    The car utilised a Moto Guzzi engine and "supercar" performance was claimed of it.

    I recall that the passenger sat behind the driver.

    I was interested at the time in putting the car into production on a small scale at an ailing factory in Mid Wales that had previously made components for Polaris submarines. The factory closed before I could put my plans into effect.

    Unfortunately, I cannot remember the name of the company that was promoting this particular design and wonder if it is still in business. Can anyone help me to identify the vehicle in question?

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    Re: Information wanted

    I'll have to dig through some old kit car magazines. I know the exact kitr you are talking about. Not exactly my "cup of tea" but it was kind of interesting.

    I believe I even ran across a few pics and some info on the internet that I may have bookmarked. I'll see if I can find it.

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    Re: Information wanted

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