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Thread: Non-stretch Fiero Kits?

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    Non-stretch Fiero Kits?

    I have been thinking about building my first replica and such I am researching quite a bit before hand. I know the 308/328 do not require stretch frames and that there are 355's available non- stretch that look ok as well. Is there a testarossa kit that looks ok without a stretch? Any other 'F' cars that look ok non stretch.

    I know that without stretching the cars won't be very accurate but some do look ok non-stretch.

    Also, if required how hard/safe is it to stretch the frame?


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    Re: Non-stretch Fiero Kits?

    I haven't seen a good looking non-stretch Testarossa. If you do decide to stretch your chassis make sure it's done right or it could be dangerous or flex too much.
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    Re: Non-stretch Fiero Kits?

    308 kits don't require a stretch, and you can get good looking 355 kits that don't require a stretch. Don't even consider a Testarossa that does not require a stretch!

    That said, the stretch isn't terribly difficult, although a bit intimidating.

    If you're interested in a Testarossa kit, I have a 60% finished (with 7 inch stretch) one that I would sell. PM me if interested.

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    Re: Non-stretch Fiero Kits?

    Some of the obvious non-stretch cars are and
    You wont see the 'F' word on any of these kits however.
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