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    I don't need tips on stretching a frame, although any input would be gratefully appreciated. I would like to know if there is anyone in my neck of the woods(Detroit MI) currently or plan to be soon @ this point in there build.I travel, I pay, I sweat.There's nothing like hands on experience.Tried my local limo builders,but ehh,me being in Detroit the competition here is to be the best @ all aspects of a vehicle, so my colleagues arent so eager to share.Indiana,Illinois,Ohio,Windsor Ontario(I wont go too far into Canada roads are crazy)Even if your not in the Great lakes area,let me know where you are,And if financially feasible,I can do my best to make it there and learn. ROD

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    what are you stretching? A fiero? if so, how much? What engine / trans will you use after the stretch?

    Step by Step photos / description can be found at:


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