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    Hi everyone....remember me.. I was making a scratchbuilt Countach...Well that one didn't work out,but being one to never give up I'm at it again. Here's what I have so far.....

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    Re: countach

    Ummm... (knock!) (knock!) ....anyone home?

    ...I think you forgot something. ???

    - Neal

    - Neal Bailey<br />-

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    Re: countach

    Hi, I remember you... Sorry to hear that your built did not finish.... So, what are you working on Now? I think you forgot your link... Felix

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    Re: countach

    He either forgot or in reality he has nothing!!!! ;D

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    Re: countach

    Did your build fail at some point or did it never launch for whatever reason?

    If it failed, do you have pictures?

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    Re: countach

    Paul, this was the last stage of you project that I saw... Did you get further then this?
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    Re: countach

    That looks like great progress! What happened?

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    Re: countach

    I think he gave up in the first post!

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    Re: countach

    [img]What happened was.... not too long after that picture was taken, we were hit by a bad snowstorm and the car was buried under 4feet of snow......that shell being too fragile collapsed.. :'(.the only part that withstood the snow fall was the nose...the rest was not I called it another lesson learned... it wasn't until some years later that I started a new relationship and decided to give the scratchbuilding another if I could only get this downloading of pictures to work ,i could show everyone.

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    Re: countach

    Were you using any kind of plans? Body formers? Eye-balling it? What had you planned on fitting it to?

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