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Thread: Turn a Citroen zx into a lambo

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    Turn a Citroen zx into a lambo

    recentley some Chinese return his Citroen ZX into a Lambo with 5000$.

    there isn't any detail information about it on net. in pictures we can see also a Murcielago on building. ???

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    Re: Turn a Citroen zx into a lambo

    Looks like the car can lay down the wood.

    If you're not confused, you're not paying attention.

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    Re: Turn a Citroen zx into a lambo

    Are they claiming the real car is a replica.?? The one obviously is a gallardo clone and the other is real and it seems like the real one is getting the credit as being the replica. No matter how much I try I just cant read Chinese.. ;D

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