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Thread: Lambo sues NAERC

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    Re: Lambo sues NAERC

    WHOA!!Randy Klaasen just dug Ken Esler's grave!!! He basically admitted to everything...

    Very sad to see NAERC go, as it seems that is where they're heading.... I think the rest of the kit makers should tread carefully... No badging of the car at the workshop. Client can badge it on his own.. Not even selling of the badges..

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    Re: Lambo sues NAERC

    I can't believe Klaasen made those statements to the paper. I don't think he's gonna be the "sole employee" anymore.
    NARC isn't the only one effected by all this. I've tried to log on to several GOOD and RELIABLE sourse's that have suddenly dropped off the face of the globe. Very very sad!!

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    Re: Lambo sues NAERC

    Sounds like they are going to have a lay off of one.

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    Re: Lambo sues NAERC

    Soudns like scorched earth policy, if I can't do it then no one can.

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    Re: Lambo sues NAERC

    Black Ops,
    You are 100% right. There is nothing going on in China that hasn't been happening here (U.S.A.) for years. It seems that in this country we are very quick to point out the faults of others, while totally disregarding our own.
    As far as NAERC goes, The only thing I ever bought from them was a new suspension for my Fiero, and nothing more. I had such a bad experience with Ken and Randy that I vowed to never buy anything from them again. I have built my car using licensed Lamborghini retailers like Lambostuff and Dealerships. Between the two, I have found everything I needed, and have never even considered NAERC for anything more.
    I'm sorry that Ken and Randy are in the position that they are in, but they have really done it to themselves. They were given a C&D letter from Audi some time ago, and continued to sell their products anyway. They were warned, and disregarded advice, thinking they were safe in Canada.
    Now some people are worried that they will get in trouble because NAERC has to turn over their sales records to Audi, along with customers names and shipping addresses. I dont think there is anything wrong with buying parts from a company that is offering them, as long as it is not stolen property. It is illegal to SELL parts that are not licensed by their owner, especially when they bear the owners name/logo, and are not an actual piece that has been manufactured for/by the owner. The sellers are in the wrong, not the buyers. I think Audi want to see their(NAERC) sales records for two reasons. First, they can establish how much money Audi has lost by these bogus parts, and second, it will give them an idea of who the big builders are( people who buy the same parts over and over, or in multiple quanities), and who the little guys are. If you were to buy a steering wheel, maybe a few emblems and a couple lights, on paper you would look like a possible owner looking to buy a few pieces to spruce up your car, or a home builder doing a one time build for yourself. If you keep buying the same things every couple months, you're obviously a builder or reseller, and they will probably be very interested in talking with you
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    Re: Lambo sues NAERC

    I agree that we need more original designs in the "kit car" industry. Actually, I would like more original designs in the production world too. There are over 300 different models being sold in the US now. If you were to photoshop off the badges, I would have a hard time naming all of the make and models.

    What I am waiting to see here is the outcome. This industry runs in the gray area by it's nature. How close to original is too close? I also understand that companies must protect their IP. In the US, if a company does not take actions to protect their IP, it becomes open. Look at how Carol Shelby tried to sue the Cobra manufactures. He lost in court because he knew about kit Cobra's for 30 years and did not sue.

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    Re: Lambo sues NAERC

    Mike Vetter's site, I believe it's called the Car Factory, showed a Diablo buildup on an NSX which is no longer up. Now it's just about Boxter conversions. I wonder if he also got a letter.

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