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Thread: Who makes this Murc replica on youtube?

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    Who makes this Murc replica on youtube?

    I love this black murc.
    It's been on youtube for sometime so I'm wondering if someone
    on this forum already knows about it...knows the owner, knows who produces it..
    knows where to get it..knows how much it costs etc..

    The blog says it's based on a fiero chassis.

    Would appreciate people's info on this.


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    Re: Who makes this Murc replica on youtube?

    Thats a Triangle G, G28 Murcie coupe (regular coupe, not the LP640). I know the guy who built it. Someone on this forum bought it recently, and is finishing minor things on it.
    The body kits run 9K. I think when he built it (just over a year ago), he spent 25K to get it to where you see it on Youtube, then sold it.
    The guy who produced these bodies doesn't make them anymore, Audi sent him a C&D letter. There are still quite a few kits out there that were never built, probably just sitting collecting dust in someones garage. I think I even know a guy who said he had 2 of them, and was trying to get rid of them (sell them off). They are an excellent body kit.
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    Re: Who makes this Murc replica on youtube?

    Quote Originally Posted by sphinxtter
    Too bad they don't produce the bodies anymore...

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    Why?? Murcie me has just said he knows where there is a couple if you want one

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