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Thread: Veyron replica

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    Veyron replica

    Does anyone know anything about this...??

    This car is Custom Built using 2 BMW V12 Engines with an automatic Transmission

    We Custom build the fastest Veyron in the world. The original Bugatti Veyron has only two V8 engines side by side making it a 16 cylinder as a W16. Our Replica version is built to out race the original with either a 24 cylinder engine. We designed the Veyron tube chassis to house two V-12 engines in-line with each other. The motors are connected with the output shaft of the two V-12s together. With two V-12 engines it is one of the fastest Super cars in the world. Officially the original Veyron, Bugatti is one of the fastest Super cars in the world because they merged two V-8 engines onto one another, and then let both of them share the same crankshaft. This configuration creates the W-16 engine found in the Veyron. The two V's create a W. With our engineered design Veyron Replica it is housing two V-12 motors on a lightweight chassis and lightweight fiberglass body which is faster and can out perform the original Bugatti Veyron. The price to build a Bugatti Veyron replica with two BMW V-12 engines at turn key stage will cost US $200,000.00 if you are interested in building this Super car we will guarantee to car will be finished three months after you place the order.

    The power pack Replica Veyron kit with two motors equalling 24 cylinders is one of the fastest cars in the world. This replica is built on a tube design chassis with the two BMW engines making it a high performance super car. Also this price includes to turn key stage interior finished paint work finished and the stereo Pioneer AVIC-Z1 Navigation System with CD-IB100II iPod Adapter with a 7" touchscreen display, featuring very impressive GPS navigation, outstanding AV system audio controls, and numerous optional modules for iPod connection, Bluetooth, satellite radio, and more. iPod kit charges your iPod while drawing music from its superior Dock.

    I am located in the USA and can be reached by phone at 001-201-705-9704 or 001-1201-705-9704 or by email at Thanks Sam

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    Re: Veyron replica

    I did not see a link but from your discription I assume the panama super replica folks. Read the related post about super replicas. I have not ever delt with them so I have no input other than it appears fishy.

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    Re: Veyron replica

    Two V12s would be over 6" long!!!

    Why BMW V12s. They are cheep and out a date and that would only be about 600hp. Why not use two Mercedes V12s?

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