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Thread: Mr2 Murcielago interior question.

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    Mr2 Murcielago interior question.

    I went to the Lambo dealer again and it seems like the cabin space in the Murcielago is a few inches wider then in my Mr2. Is this just an illusion? Will genuine sized interior pieces fit in the Mr2 or will they need to be modified?

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    Re: Mr2 Murcielago interior question.

    hmmm...I'm just back from a visit to extreme...and I saw the new Murci in flesh!!! wow, wow, wow....VERY cool! They had the MR2 interior in it which actually looked pretty good. As all their parts are taken off the genuine one...I would say the Murci interior should fit...but better send them an Email to be on the safe side.
    btw...I also saw the first parts for the Vanquish!!! I will upload some pics once I found my camera ;-)

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