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Thread: Photoshop or 3D overlays

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    Photoshop or 3D overlays


    I have obtained a 3D drawing of the Fiero (not 100% sure how authentic or accurate it is but I am sure it is close) and a 3D drawing of the 288 GTO and a 328 Ferrari (same concern as the Fiero drawing). I am wondering how I do an overlay with these so that I can see where the lines don't match up on the various comparisons.

    I don't have Rhino or any of those. I have Photoshop and I just downloaded a free 3D modeling app I have not yet installed.

    I want to see how much change is required for roof line etc. on the Fiero to make it closer to the 288 GTO for the main work so I can start planning that side of things.

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    Re: Photoshop or 3D overlays

    i do 3d for a living so i can probably help you there

    email me and we can figure it out: rt (at) tadic (dot) us
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