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Thread: no canadian companies left?

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    no canadian companies left?

    Are there any left? I have had my fiero for 2 years now and I wanted to start a kit car but can't seem to find any companies in canada that sell kits anymore and I can't import a kit due to the importing rules about kit cars. Can anyone help me or am I pretty much screwed at the moment until a kit pops up somewhere in Canada?

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    Re: no canadian companies left?

    where do you live in Canada? and what kind of replica are you looking for?

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    Re: no canadian companies left?

    Toronto, Ontario, im looking for a ferrari or lambo, newer body styles, 355 and up or diablo and up, but would like to hear whats actually available out there

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    Re: no canadian companies left?

    Look at the Cluf Fiero Montreal. There is a guy selling a 355 replica spider on a GT 87.

    The car looks perfectly like a real one. One exception: the roof does not open.

    He ask 28 000$. And you have nothing to do, no repairs. The car is on sale on Autotraders (Canada).

    Forget to import a kitcar from USA: it will not pas at the custom border.
    Hope you will find what you are looking for. Me, I was looking for a one on a GT 1988 (with the new suspension) and I found it in Montreal (308 GTB).

    In Windsor, Ont:
    Good luck.

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    Re: no canadian companies left?

    Quote Originally Posted by johns
    sorry I cannot help you my company has closed and all tooling etc sold ..please remove my personal information from above post .. thank you ..john
    sorry we are closing too as soon as last truck and kit finished/delivered - June 2008

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    Re: no canadian companies left?

    I guess it is getting hard to find anything kit car related in Canada.I see bodies on ebay every now and again and there are a few good kit car websites to look at.Ontario replicar club website is a good place to ask questions.If you keep looking one will show up.It took me 2 years to find my car.But in the end i found my car and it was only a couple of hours from my house.I thought long and hard about importing one from the states but dealing with Canada customs can be a nightmare.I know a few cars have been imported with no problems but it is a crapshoot some make it and some don't.Good luck in your hunt.. Richard

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    Re: no canadian companies left?

    And the joke is,<br />when he awoke his,<br />body was covered in Coke fizz !

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    Re: no canadian companies left?

    To my understanding you can bring in just a kit car body, (in pieces) as long as its titled Car Parts or Race car, for off road use only and have it also say can not be made street legal. Once you get the body in and all the parts to build it, you will need to find some one in Canada who can build it. I have a few guys who may still be interested in building a Diablo or Murci kit. I my self am looking to buy an LP 640 body from the US and bring it into Canada.

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