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Thread: Looking for Manufacturer's Web Site

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    Looking for Manufacturer's Web Site

    HI everyone,

    I have been intrigued with kit cars for quite some time and visiting the various manufacturer's web sites to get ideas of the car I would eventually like to build...

    Anyway, I recently lost all my bookmarks due to a corrupted file and for the life of me cannot remember the URL to one of my favorite web sites...

    I am hoping someone might know what I am talking about if I describe the car and web site:

    I am 99% sure it was an American company...

    The web site offered one car with various options... You could buy different levels of it from the kit all the way up to turn-key... They even offered an engine... Wood dash board... Etc...

    The web site was primarily black grey and red...

    The car had no roof...

    The car was a "spider" of some sort...

    The car was extremely curvy... And I think the main picture showed the car in black...

    If I remember correctly the site and the car were based on a person's name...

    I know it is a long shot, but if anybody has any ideas, I would greatly appreciate it...


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    Re: Looking for Manufacturer's Web Site

    I guess your best bet to find it wil be in one of these sites:

    they have a lot of what is out there and 2 out of the tree have pics of the kits on the main site, the other links to the manufacturer.

    good luck.

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