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Thread: How do you deal with fakeness?

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    How do you deal with fakeness?

    Sorry, for that word, i dont wanna offence anybody, i'm just thinkin about buying an murci rep and trying to get how do you deal with that? I mean is that a problem? Have you situations like
    "Wow, you drive lambo?"
    "No, its replica"
    "Uhh, fake lambo?"
    I mean what kind of girl would like to mess with fake things?
    Or I miss something?
    Or you have no time for girls? or ya'll gays?))) Sorry, i'm kidding.
    Give me a point, please.

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    Re: How do you deal with fakeness?

    i didn't say fake car, i said fake lambo ;D
    love is good but if first thing girl going to know about you is fake lambo you can lose some love :

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    Re: How do you deal with fakeness?

    If they ask and are friendly tell them the truth.
    If their being a jerk tell them what I do. "Fake or not it's getting more attention that that pick up truck or what ever you drove in on".
    That usually shuts them up pretty fast.

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    Re: How do you deal with fakeness?

    hmm, most of us like cars. We also like to build cars. Part of the fun to build a car is the exotic supercar look when they are done. No real difference than restoring a muscle car. I tell people all the time that I am building a car and have no issues saying what it is. If people have a problem with it being a "fake" chances are they have never built anything and talk about their skills instead of using them...or do the bolt on stuff that doesnt require any fabrication and think that is building a car. Nothing against that just pointing out the difference of hacking up a car and rewelding/fabricating etc is much different..

    I have yet to meet ANYONE at a car show that talks down or laughs at me while I am standing next to their Mustang 350 GT and tell them I am building a kit car. Most people are amazed we take it to that level and start hacking something up....We all have the same drive of wanting to build cars....these just happen to our medium to do it...

    So the fact that I am building a Ferrari 355, a custom motorcyle, a muscle car and my products I have made have been shown in super street bike magazine on a show bike means that girls will think less of me cause of my "fake" kit? sheesh...good thing I am married then!
    355 Build progress&gt;&gt;&gt;&gt;<br />

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    Re: How do you deal with fakeness?

    hay samuell

    I think you are barking up the wrong tree here if you want anyone on this forum to agree with you. 90% of the members either have a replica or would have one if they could afford the time and the money it takes to build one.

    I think the appeal with replica's is, yes, you get to fool some people and feel a bit like a superstar if you drive it, and you get a look from some girls, but face it, most of the guys who build these cars are married and have families. Also its not all about the end result, ist the getting there. building it up from n heap of parts, putting the time and effort in it and ending up with something that people admire.

    So if you whant to keep digging at the replica supporters, go ahead, but you are just gonna piss a lot of people off and get banned or ignored.

    just go quietly.

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    Re: How do you deal with fakeness?

    Wow the Countach looks really good! one of the best replicas I have ever seen.

    Quote Originally Posted by Black Ops
    Quote Originally Posted by Samuell
    i didn't say fake car, i said fake lambo ;D

    Hello Space Cadet can you read???

    A car is a car ...... It maybe a LOOK-A-LIKE or REPLICA but it is NOT a fake!

    Quote Originally Posted by Samuell
    love is good but if first thing girl going to know about you is fake lambo you can lose some love :
    Well all I can say .. you are picking up the WRONG GIRLS ...

    Because .. I have seen a LOT of photos with half naked women over REPLICA Lambos


    Lambo Replica made by DC Supercars

    Do not know... Girl sees you with a beat up chevy ..... AND ....... Sees a Guy with a Replica Lambo ... I have a feeling you will NOT be getting any loving ... but the guy with the Replica Lambo WILL!

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    Re: How do you deal with fakeness?

    Haha! You seem to be thinking about a replica just to pull the girls?

    The Orange lambo is mine (sorry replica!), Ive been with my otherhalf 8 years and have one son, go to most shows and as said before its more a case of being proud at what you have accomplished. My otherhalf doesnt like cars at all and has only been in mine twice in the 4 years its been on the road.

    I go to a lot of shows, not just kitcar ones, yes its nice to sometimes say its real and get away with it as I have, depends on where you are, I have thou said many times its a kit and people have been more amazed that I built it myself. I just enjoy cars, especially Lambos, but I admire anyone that has built there own car no matter what it is. It takes alot to build a car and overcome those hurdles that arise, thats why we do it, coz we enjoy it.

    Girls do look and smile, but some think your showing off, I really dont care, I worked hard to get my car looking right and regularly stand back and admire it, mostly pleased at my persistence to get it finished and not just get fed up and sell it. It gives me the feel good factor when I drive it as well.

    If your looking just for a date for the night, look in the private ads, lot less hassle !!

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    Re: How do you deal with fakeness?

    Ponder this my friend....

    Some guys build replica cars for the same reason some gals buy replica boobs.
    Either way, they both look great if done right. ;D
    They both make their respective owners feel better about themselves.
    They can both be fun.
    And neither appreciates them being called "fake". 8)

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    Re: How do you deal with fakeness?

    Bottom line is, if you can buy a real one then there is no comparing a real one to a replica. If you can buy a $200-to $450 thousand and up exotic, you probably wouldn't bother building a replica if you can own the real thing. What people don't always realise is, there are bad replicas out there, and then there are replicas that are so bang on you can't tell if its real or not. Also take into consideration a well built replica can cost any where from $25 thousand to $100 thousand to build or buy or have some one build one for you. There not cheap and this isn't some car that you bolt together in your small garage or driveway and in a few weeks have it on the road. These cars can take years to build if you don't know what your doing and don't have the right tools to build it. And like one poster on here said, this isn't like restoring an old Chevy or Ford. There's a lot more involved then that. As far as will chicks care weather or not its real or not? If the car looks very obvious that it is a kit, to small in size, just looks like a fiero with a body kit, then some people may not respect it much. A professional built Lamo or Ferrari driving down the street or at a car show will draw a crowd. And if its a replica I would think people would be quite amazed to see such a well built car. Girls are going to love it no matter if its a replica or a real one. Besides, do girls know that much about cars any ways??? LOL.... ;D

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    Re: How do you deal with fakeness?

    More important than anything on this thread, why are you all responding to this guy? It is obvious by the posts on this forum that this is a community of people trying to help each other accomplish our goals, exchange ideas, and sometimes labor and parts. This guy has posted the same question twice, just fishing for someone to get all tied up, and trying to stir up trouble. Don't take the bait, put this energy into what we do best. Let him enjoy his moms 1989 Tercel, now thats a real chick magnet. Eric

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