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Thread: Does anybody deal with UFP murci builder?

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    Does anybody deal with UFP murci builder?

    They offer turnkey on fiero for less then $28k.
    Any info about them?

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    Re: Does anybody deal with UFP murci builder?

    You'll get what you pay for! I've spent $28K on just the material and parts on my car!
    Builders like that usually just give you the average (sometimes less than) car, with nothing extra.
    Notice how they dont mention any suspension related costs? You'll get the stock Fiero brakes and suspension, with cut springs, fake rotors and big spacers all around.
    There are alot of people out there that claim to be builders. They usually just sub out all the work to other people, and never actually build the car themselves. Ted from "" is one of them. This guy probably is too.
    If you want a car that you will be happy and proud to drive, there are better choices of builders right here on this forum. Look around at peoples build diaries, and ask alot of questions. You'll pay a little more, but you wont be let down. Cars that cost $35-40K to build easily sell for twice that when they're finished. Like I said, you get what you pay for. ;D
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