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Thread: How much do you spent on your Murci?

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    How much do you spent on your Murci?

    If it isn't a secret
    I'm still trying to figure out how to get started and wonder how much it will cost me.
    I would extremely apreshiate if anybody give me an idea about "full package" cost on fiero or/and modular chassis.

    I'm looking to build LP roadster. That would be also great if someone targeted me on the right way... What kits are available, where to get all the 'small parts' and so on...

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    Re: How much do you spent on your Murci?

    Its going to cost me at least $75K or more to get mine built. To brake it down, $15K for a steel tube chassis, $9,700 for the body kit it self, $6,000 or more for wheels and tires, $4000,00 coil over suspension, I'm thinking of getting the LS7 through my Dad's dealership, 7.0 Litre 502 Horse, $15K with taxes, $4-$5,000.00 Porsche transmission, Then there's interior, paint, and to pay some one to put it together. A "cheaper" way would be to build one on a Fiero. A Fiero tranny can't handle a lot of horse power, and the chassis may warp and crack if you put to powerful of an engine with lots of torque in it. But a good strong V6 or 330 HP V8 would also be a good way to go. I don't know off hand who's selling kits though? Here in Canada I don't think there's any one any more?? ???

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