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Thread: Ferrari sill plates ?

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    Ferrari sill plates ?

    just wondering if anyone would be interested in some sill plates with the ferrari word in them ? I got some made up for my DNA car but theres no reason I couldnt get some done for others.

    Heres a picture of what I got made up.. Prices depends on size, amount etc.. but for a rough estimate your looking at about 40-50 for the acid etched sill plates which come with 3m sticky strips so there a really easy fit. I can also do dials (from 70) etc.

    please remember I need to make 20 at a time, so will not be doing one offs, but if 20 extreme owners what some sill plates and dials then this isnt a problem.

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    Re: Ferrari sill plates ?

    count me in for sill plates and those square looking things with the horsy. cheers

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