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    In my thread "Murci-Me Build-changes", I posted the name and contact information of the glass company that I was using to make my side glass (power window) for my build.
    Today, I was enlightened..................
    Last Friday, the manufacturer (the people that Job Site uses) contacted me and told me that my glass was done and I could pick it up whenever I was ready.
    The only problem was, they are in Anaheim, and I'm in Chatsworth. They are not open on the weekends, and I've been working from 6AM till 8:30PM Mon thru Fri. I told my friend MURCenary about this when I saw him at KNOTTS on Saturday, and he offered to pick them up and deliver them to me.
    So the story begins..........
    MURCenary's wife set out this morning to pick up my glass for me and deliver it to my house. She was informed that she would be picking up 4 pieces of glass (2 right, and 2 left). When she got there, there were only 2 pieces of glass, and she was told that there was an outstanding balance that needed to be paid (when I ordered the glass, I paid the total amount of $2779.63, which was pament in full). They told her that Job Site glass had only sent them $350 as a deposit to start work, and had told them that the order was for 2 pieces of glass, not 4. Somehow, she was able to assure them that they would get their money, and they let her take the glass.
    My wife was trying to contact me to find out what was going on, but couldn't, because we were shooting most of the morning and are required to shut our cell-phones off when we're on stage. At lunch, I turned my phone on, and saw that I had missed her calls. She told me all of this, and I said I'll call Job Site to find out what the problem was.
    When I got ahold of Job Site, I told them that their manufacturer called me and told me that my glass was ready, but there was only 2 pieces of glass, and there was money owed on the order. He said he'll find out, and call me back. In the meantime, I decided to call the manufacturer, and get their side of the story first. The girl told me that Job Site had only ordered 2 pieces, and only placed the $350 deposit. She told me that there was still $350 owed, and that would pay the order in full. When I asked her how much the pair of windows cost, she told me $700 for the set! This guy was charging me almost $1400 for the set!
    I called back Job Site, and played dumb. After I had heard enough of their B.S., I told them that I had already spoke to the manufacturer, and knew everything. I asked him how he could mark up the glass 100%, and he went off on me telling me that he can charge whatever he wants, and that he didn't think it was right that I tried to go around him and deal directly with his manufacturer. I pointed out to him that his manufacturer contacted me, and not the other way around. He didn't believe me and accused me of lying, and that there was no way they could have contacted me because he did not supply them with my phone #. I reminded him that my phone # was printed clearly on the patterns, and thats how they got it. That shut him up, but then he went off on me again, calling me every name in the book, and telling me that I was not going to get my other set of glass, and if I wanted to get my money back, I would have to sue him. I informed him that I had every intention of doing that, and that he better have a good Lawyer, because Universal Studios has a huge team of them ( thats one big benefit of working there, they will represent any of their employees for free). At that point, he hung up on me. 10 minutes later, the manufacturer called me back and told me that he called them back in a rage and refused to pay the outstanding ballance on the glass, and hung up. I gave the girl my credit card # to pay the balance, and she assured me that if there was anything I needed them to do to help hang this guy, I could count on them to help.
    She also told me that if I wanted the second set of glass, I could deal with them directly.
    If anybody needs glass for their Murcie kit (bent,TEMPERED glass, not safety glass), The cost is $700 for the pair. I think that is a really great price, especially considering what you'll get (exact fitting tempered glass).
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    Your lucky that it kinda worked in your favor. It just stinks that it ends up being an item that you just cant go out and pick up at a home depot or parts store. Too bad it was more than a few bucks and the time you had to wait. hopefully it doesnt affect you more than it could. I always get weary of people who offer services for custom or building. Seen too many contractors of the news when the news stations investigates fraud. Maybe you should do that, call your local news station tell them about getting stiffed. luckily you did get some glass out of it. Some people may not be as lucky as you.

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    Hey MM... I'll take a set from them... ;D

    That is amazing that this "Job Site" is such an @!#$*&%.

    I know you probaly have already put in a dispute with your CC card company but I sure hope you lay it to this guy. What a Jerk!!!

    This guy will have to pay you back in small claims court... he just does not think you will follow through. ???

    Let me know if I can help in any way...

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