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Thread: Exotic car prototype (DeL'maci Automotive)

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    Exotic car prototype (DeL'maci Automotive)
    "This auction is for a very highly modified 2002 Kia Spectra LS which was used to create a mobile plug for a one of a kind exotic sports car prototype. The car was bought brand new in April of 2002 of and in 2004 began to be heavily modified. This vehicle is by no means street legal. Approximately 90% of the vehicle body has been replaced with panels that have been hand fabricated from sheetmetal and fiberglass. The car was designed by the owner and copyrighted. The body work on the vehicle is not perfect and would need a good body finisher before it would be able to be used to construct a plug. You may contact me in order to find out any information regarding this vehicle and its modifications which include air suspension. This vehicle was constructed over a period of four years from 2003 to 2007 while I attended college. This car will not take you from 0-60 in under four seconds and will not break any land speed records as it is strictly a design prototype which runs. The interior of the vehicle is not fully completed. It is a great vehicle for anyone looking to have a vehicle which is the only one available in the world." 5-6-08 3:54pm

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    Re: Exotic car prototype (DeL'maci Automotive)

    i like it ;D

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    Re: Exotic car prototype (DeL'maci Automotive)

    I would make the front and back end look like the new Audi. That would drive the attorney's nuts for a while. Especially is you used an Audi drivetrain in the mid engine configuration. I like the basic lines of the car. This guy is going to be a fantastic automotive designer one of these days. The only thing I don't care for is the DOT side marker light in the rear corner. Maybe something like that used on Ferrari would look better.
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    Re: Exotic car prototype (DeL'maci Automotive)

    A scratch built plug like this is really impressive. I hope the college student that built it got an 'A'. Since it's copyrighted, could molds be made and replicas sold? .....legally?
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