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Thread: Found this for cheaper OEM ferrari parts.

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    Found this for cheaper OEM ferrari parts.

    I was looking at the LA craigslist and ran across this AD they claim to have OEM parts for cheaper. I have never done business with them, nor do I know them, Just wanted to share with you guys.

    Here is the AD:

    Mugello Motors can design a supercharger system for your Ferrari. We engineer our systems for performance and reliability. Others have tried and failed. We have over 35k miles on our supercharged Ferrari Mondial producing over 375hp and it is still running strong. We also perform factory recommended services and routine maintenance. You can buy OEM Ferrari parts through us at a lot less cost from the dealers. Call us today and see what we can do to your Ferrari. Mugello Motors, 916-270-2011 or visit us at mugellomotors com.

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    Re: Found this for cheaper OEM ferrari parts.

    That place is about 10 miles from my house and I think I've actually been inside the building (work related). I have to check it out again.

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