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Thread: How to wire door locks

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    How to wire door locks

    Hello all

    I need help again. I'm trying to wire the power door locks with no luck. I can either get them to both just lock or just unlock but not both lock and unlock. I have a right and left actuator and a lock switch and an unlock switch. Any ideas.


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    Re: How to wire door locks

    There is a method to this madness. Look in a repair/service manual (GM) and it will show what wires connect where if you just want to use the factory GM 2 pole type switches. I have also had to wire these things up because I have an alarm and no lock switches, I just let the alarm control those. Go here:

    The ones I am talking about is the "actuators/reverse polarity" in the middle of the page, where both outputs rest at ground and the +12 is switched on for each leg, lock and unlock. Get some cheap Bosch type relays at the 'yard for a buck, make sure they are SPDT relays and have the 87 terminal. This'll do what you want, and you can even have the alarm switch the lock/unlock for you (you should be installing some kind of an alarm/keyless entry anyway).

    Don't see what you want, there is some other suggestions at the top of the page. The 12 is a very handy reference for almost everything, even for wiring a large number of LED's in a series/parallel combo for exterior lights, etc.


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    Re: How to wire door locks

    Thanks Eric, I had looked at that site earlier but don't think it will help. Just to give you an update, I ripped out all my Fiero wiring and went with a Highway 22 wiring kit. The only part I'm using from the Fiero are the 2 actuators. The switches are 3 post which were supplied with the replica 355 interior from Amida. I'd like to try and incorporate them. I think I will look into your idea of going with a keyless entry.


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