Flush with the success of managing to get my DNA kit into the US (very sweaty palms at one point) and helping someone get one through very easily, I'm thinking of importing a non-type approved (safety/bumper/theft blah blah blah) car from the UK to the US. (Probably quite longterm as I have to sell my 356 replica first! :'()

I think I now understand how to get the car through the system (on the lowdown), but I now need some advice about how I could register it when I get it here.

Does anyone know how you would register a kit car made from parts from various sources or even a hotrod made from a tube chassis and fibreglass? Obviously it will have a vin number on the chassis. Can anyone help? Who should I talk to? I live in MN if that helps.
I would rather not register it as a collectors car as here they have a limited annual mileage to a few hundred miles a year.

Will I have any problems (other than the obvious overtaking issues and higher insurance premiums) if the car is right hand drive? Left hand drive are available but they rarely come up for sale.

Thanks guys.